by Michael hu December 20, 2017
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The SmartAX MA5822 is a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) launched by Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd.

The SmartAX MA5822 Remote Optical Access Unit applies in fiber to the building (FTTB) and fiber to the curb (FTTC) scenarios.

In the upstream direction, the MA5822 provides an SFP uplink optical port that supports 10G GPON or GPON upstream transmission. In the downstream direction, the MA5821 provides 8, 16, 24 FE electrical ports or 24 GE electrical ports. The MA5822 provide the access for POTS user.

Hardware Structure
Port Silkscreen Description
AC power port None Connects to 110 V or 220 V AC power.
Ground point None Connects the device to the ground.
Uplink port None Provides GPON upstream transmission using an SFP uplink optical port.
Maintenance serial port CONSOLE Provides local maintenance. Supports system configuration using tools, such as HyperTerminal, through CLI.
Maintenance network port None Supports local device management through any service port.
GE electrical port 1-24 Provides gigabit Ethernet adaptive access rates of 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s and 1000 Mbit/s.


  • 10G GPON Upstream Transmission
    • 10G GPON provides a higher bandwidth to meet service requirements.
    • The 10G GPON transmission complies with ITU-T Recommendation G.987 and ITU-T Recommendation G.988, and provides asymmetric transmission rates in the upstream direction and downstream direction.
    • 10G GPON networks can coexist with the current GPON networks to fully use the existing optical distribution network (ODN) resources.

  • High Efficiency Maintenance and Management
    • Is plug and play and supports service pre-deployment
    • supports remote fault location, troubleshooting and batch upgrade

  • Carrier-Class Reliability Design
    • Complies with carrier-class reliability specifications.
    • Passes the electrostatic discharge (ESD) test
    • Provides surge protection and anti-interference functions.
      • AC power port: 6KV common mode; 6KV differential mode.
      • User port: 4KV common mode for FE ports; 4KV common mode and differential mode for POTS ports.
    • Users derating designs for electronic components, improving system reliability.
    • Users an anticorrosing design and fewer lines routed accross the surface of a board to achieve a proper heat dissipation effect (producing a temperature difference to prevent condensation).



Type Dimensions(H×W×D) Weight
Without Mounting Brackets With Mounting Brackets
MA5822 (8 FE + 8 POTS) 43.6×442×220mm 43.6×482.6×220mm 2.12 KG
MA5822 (16 FE + 16 POTS) 2.35 KG
MA5822 (24 FE + 24 POTS) 2.43 KG
Operating Environment
Ambient Temperature Ambient Humidity Atmospheric Pressure
﹣40℃ to 55℃ 5% RH to 95% RH 70 kPa to 106 kPa
Power Parameters
Type Power Supply Mode Operating Voltage Maximum Input Current
MA5822 (8 FE + 8 POTS) 110V AC or 220V AC 110V AC to 240V AC 1 A
MA5822 (16 FE + 16 POTS) 1 A
MA5822 (24 FE + 24 POTS) 1 A

The MA5821 applied on FTTB and FTTC) networks provides voice, data, and video services for community users. The MA5821 can be used for video monitoring.

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