HUAWEI Multi-service Access Module MA5694

by Michael hu December 20, 2017
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The SmartAX MA5694 Multi-service Access Module is a 1-U high (1 U = 44.45 mm) indoor box-shaped optical network unit (ONU) developed by Huawei for small-cell backhaul and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) private line service access. The MA5694 receives base station data using a GE port and transmits the data to the OLT. The OLT then transmit the data upstream to an IP or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network and then to the radio network controller (RNC), implementing the base station access service. The MA5694 can also access the enterprise data service using the GE port. In the upstream direction, the MA5694 connects to a DSLAM using VDSL2 bonding and then connects to an OLT.


Simple Deployment

  • Is plug and play and supports one-stop deployment. The MA5694 using PON upstream transmission support offiline deployment. It automatically obtains configuration data from the U2000 and the configuration data automatic takes effect on the MA5694. In addition, the MA5694 automatically reports an online event to the U2000 when it go online.
  • The MA5694 is small size and light weigh, supporting various installation scenarios. For example, it can installed on desktop, indoor cabinets, in network boxes or in outdoor cabinets.

High Precision Clock and Time Synchronization

  • Can use multiple clock source as the system clock input of the MA5694. This effectively ensures high precision clock synchronization between the MA5694 and the communication network.
  • Supports GE-based synchronous Ethernet.

High Efficiency Maintenance and Management

  • Supports remote batch upgrages
  • Supports accurate fault locating and remote troubleshooting
  • Monitors network performance in real time.

Carrier-Class Reliability Design

  • IP asses electrostatic discharge (ESD) tests.
  • Support the following surge protection:
    • AC power port: 6KV in both common and differential modes.
    • DC power port: 4KV in common mode and 2KV in differential mode
    • User ports: 4KV in common mode
    • xDSL ports: 4KV in both common and differential modes
  • Uses air cooling design, reducing product noises and implementing energy conservation.

Port Description
Port Name Silkscreen Description
AC/DC power port None Introduces 220 V AC or 48 V DC power.
Uplink optical port 0 and 1 Supports GPON, EPON, or GE upstream transmission.
Uplink xDSL port xDSL 0-3 or
xDSL 0-7
Supports 4-pair or 8-pair VDSL2 bonding in upstream transmission and supports vectoring. The MA5694 provides four or eight xDSL ports.
Environment monitoring parameter port ALARM Supports the connection to four digital sensors for monitoring door status, surge protection, main distribution frame (MDF), and smoke status. In addition, this port supports user-defined monitoring parameters.
Commissioning serial port CONSOLE Can only be used for commissioning.
Clock or time output port CLK/TOD0 and CLK/TOD1 Inputs and outputs clock or time signals.
CLK/TOD0 supports 2.048 MHz clock input/output and 1 PPS+TOD time input/output.
CLK/TOD1 supports 2.048 MHz clock input/output and 1 PPS+TOD time output.
GE electrical port GE0, GE1, GE2 and GE3 Provides the access service for users. The GE2 and GE3 electrical ports can be used as alternatives to GE optical ports GE2 and GE3. Specifically, the MA5694 provides either electrical ports GE2 and GE3, or optical ports GE2 and GE3, at a time. The MA5694 can be locally managed using the GE0 port.
GE optical port GE2 and GE3 Provides the access service for users. The GE2 and GE3 optical ports can be used as alternatives to GE electrical ports GE2 and GE3.



The following figure shows the position of the MA5694 on a typical network.

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