(SCADA) Gas Station Network Communications Solution

(SCADA) Gas Station Network Communications Solution

by Michael hu January 03, 2018
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Oil companies are becoming increasingly reliant on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to enhance their competitiveness and cope with constantly changing, complex situations. Gas stations, as the outlet through which refined oil is sold to end users, are numerous and widely distributed. As a result, oil companies require various communication methods, such as voice, data and video to monitor and control efficient daily operation and management.

Huawei’s third-generation, high-perfirmance routers implement unified access and management of High-Definition (HD) IP cameras, fixed-line phones, and service support systems. The solution covers oil product management, retail, surveillance, Office Automation (OA) and other daily services, unifying transmission of services and facilitating Operation and Maintenance(O&M)

Solution Architecture

AR multi-service access routers provide gas stations with voice and data services. By configuring Quality of Service (QoS), the solution supports an OA network with a higher bit rate than that of normal Internet. Firewall, Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), and other functions are integrated into the AR routers, providing value-added, diversified convergence services at low costs.
Four Vitual Local Area Networks (VLANs) are set up in each station to access the office automation, oil product management, sales business and video surveillance, respectively, all of which are independent from each other. The AR multi-service access routers, as the egress of each VLAN, are operated and maintained through eSight.

OA network: OA, IP/analog phone, printer, and fax machine.
Oil product management network: Forecourt Controller (FCC) and oil product and background management servers.
Sales business network: gas card terminals, Point-of-Sale (POS) machines, and financial retail system.
Video surveillance network: Digital camera and video storage.


Efficient and secure unified transport and management of production, voice and services reduce customers’ Operating Expense (OPEX)

Multiple reliable uplink solutions and Forward Error Correction (FEC) ensure surveillance video and user data security and integrity

Plug-and play support simplifies O&M and cuts costs.

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